A reading with 7 actors directed by Andreas Araouzos

The King’s Speech plays out on the battlefield of words, not action. Writer David Seidler, doing insightful work partly owing to his own bouts with a stammer, had conceived the story first as a play, and when he wrote to the Queen Mother for permission, she kindly asked him not to proceed with this story during her lifetime, a request he respected. The film version was released first, in 2010, directed by Tom Hooper and winning 4 Oscars out of 12 nominations, while the play opened at London’s Wyndham’s Theatre on 27 March 2012.

As the world stands on the brink of war, Edward VIII (David) sparks controversy with his love for married socialite, Wallis Simpson. As Edward’s position becomes increasingly untenable, his brother Bertie, who has previously shied away from the public eye because of a terrible stammer, is thrust in to the spotlight as his likely successor.

With the support of his wife, Elizabeth (the much-loved future Queen Mother), Bertie meets maverick speech therapist and failed actor, Lionel Logue, at an office in Harley Street. Together they embark on an unlikely journey to prepare Bertie to lead his country as King George VI.


Επτά ηθοποιοί θα παρουσιάσουν σε αναλόγιο το έργο τού βραβευμένου με Όσκαρ David Seidler, μόνο για τρία βράδια στην όμορφη βεράντα Balthazar τού Κέντρου Εικαστικών Τεχνών και Έρευνας (CVAR), στην αγγλική.

Ο συγγραφέας, αντλώντας από τη δική του εμπειρία με τον τραυλισμό, γράφει αρχικά την ιστορία αυτή για το θέατρο. Έγραψε στην Βασιλομήτωρα ζητώντας την άδειά της για το ανέβασμα του έργου, και αυτή τον παρακάλεσε να μην το παρουσιάσει όσο η ίδια είναι εν ζωή, κάτι το οποίο ο Seidler σεβάστηκε. Τελικά, η ταινία βγήκε πρώτη το 2010, σε σκηνοθεσία Tom Hooper, κερδίζοντας τέσσερα Όσκαρ από δώδεκα υποψηφιότητες, ενώ το θεατρικό ανέβηκε στο Wyndham’s Theatre τού Λονδίνου, στις 27 Μαρτίου 2012.

Στα πρόθυρα του Β’ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου, ο Εδουάρδος ο 8ος δημιουργεί σκάνδαλο έχοντας ερωτευτεί την παντρεμένη σοσιαλιτέ, Wallis Simpson. Έτσι, ο αδερφός του, Bertie, ο οποίος απέφευγε τη δημοσιότητα λόγω του μεγάλου προβλήματος που είχε με τραυλισμό, ωθείται αναγκαστικά στο προσκήνιο ως ο επόμενος διάδοχος του θρόνου.

Με τη στήριξη της γυναίκας του, Ελισάβετ (η αγαπημένη μελλοντική Βασιλομήτωρ), ο Bertie γνωρίζει τον ανυπότακτο Αυστραλό λογοθεραπευτή και αποτυχημένο ηθοποιό, Lionel Logue. Μαζί θα αρχίσουν ένα παράδοξο ταξίδι προετοιμασίας του Bertie για να ηγηθεί της χώρας του ως Βασιλιάς Γεώργιος ο 6ος.

Performances and Bookings

3 nights only!*

1, 2, 3 Sept. 2015 at 8.00 pm


285 Ermou Street, Old Nicosia

Entrance: €10
Reserve your table: alpha@alphasquare.com.cy or 22300994 / 70001140

[*Please note that the reading on the 31st August has been cancelled on account of a dance street event on Ermou street.]


A play by Academy Award-winner David Seidler

A reading on Balthazar roof terrace of CVAR, Old Nicosia, 2015


Bertie Duke of York Andreas Araouzos

Lionel Logue Australian Harley Street speech specialist Paul Stewart

Elizabeth Duchess of York Alexia Paraskeva

Myrtle Lionel’s Australian wife Christina Marouchou

Cosmo Lang Archbishop of Canterbury Graham Thomas

Winston Churchill A politician Ricky Iacovou

David Prince of Wales David Dimitriou

King George V Bertie and David’s father Graham Thomas

Stanley Baldwin Prime Minister David Dimitriou


Directed by Andreas Araouzos

Sound by Costas Charalambous, FX SOUND.


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Καταπληκτική η αποψινή παράσταση. XI

Brilliant! Unbelievable how a reading can be so good. The whole cast delivered a tremendous performance. AA

Thank you all, it was captivating!!! AC

Superb! You were all great! NC

Χίλια και χίλια και χίλια μπράβο! ΑΓ

Congratulations!!! We loved it… You were all amazing and it didn’t feel as though you were holding scripts. Bravo!!! TK

Huge CONGRATULATIONS! I loved the play! Really liked the setting as well! AR

What ample talent! AZ

Another amazing performance! Congratulations! AL

Excellent work as usual! Kudos to everyone! MG

We loved The King’s Speech! A massive well done! AL

Congratulations!!! What a great production!! Wonderful atmosphere, talented actors, gripping, funny, moving… KV

Good work and great speech in the end very moving..congrats to all for a wonderful production!!!! GF

Εξαιρετική παράσταση!! Σκηνοθεσία, παίξιμο όλα. Μπράβο στην ομάδα! ΠΤ

It was beautiful and moving and powerful and I’d go again if I could. I was so absorbed I completely forgot it was a play reading! Bravo too for the inspired casting… EB

I cannot remember when it was the last time I enjoyed myself so much! AK

The Englishness was sublime – A BIG THANK U!!!!! MK

We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was amazing how interested we were given there were no props or setting. It means you all did a fantastic job. JT

Last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to snag a ticket to Alpha Square’s reading of The King’s Speech on the Balthazar Roof Terrace of the Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR). Reader’s theatre participants are frequently assigned the difficult task of navigating a script somewhere between its well rehearsed form and a fully realized production. The Alpha Square company toed the line well and through the use of minimal sets and props, took us into David Seidler’s, well crafted script. Amidst tasty cheese platters and clinking wine glasses, the Alpha Square company afforded us an intimate, almost voyeuristic, glimpse into the very human struggle that England’s Prince Albert faced on the way to becoming an effective public speaker and eventual monarch. At times the production took on the qualities of a radio play, further immersing the audience in a time period before broadcast entertainment had taken on a visual form and where the nuances of the script and the spoken word were of primary import. The performance was entertaining and well balanced. Emotionally charged exchanges between the then Duke of York (Andreas Araouzos) and Lionel Logue (Paul Stewart) were contrasted with lighter, comedic performances by Alexia Paraskeva as the then Duchess of York and Christina Marachou as Myrtle. Backed up by Ricky Iacovou, David Dimitriou and Graham Thomas in supporting roles, the production felt fully realized and made for a great night out. Congratulations to the team, wishing you all of the best. Thadd Correia

Simply amazing. It was so special so emotional. I lived every minute. LV

What an amazing performance!!! You excelled in EVERY way! ML

Great and memorable performance. Thank you to each and every member of the cast. LS

Η ιδέα της σκηνοθεσίας και παρουσίασης του έργου καταπληκτική! Οι ηθοποιοί μέσα από την ανάγνωση του κειμένου έδωσαν τον καλύτερο τους εαυτό με αποτέλεσμα να δώσουν στο κοινό την ευχαρίστηση να δημιουργήσει με τη φανατασία του εικόνες και να απολαύσει το έργο μ’ ένα πρωτόγνωρο τρόπο. Πολύ καλή δουλειά, Μπράβο! EM

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s reading/performance. Such a wonderful setting with an equally wonderful cast. Thank you. MM