The one-act play by Amy Fox, “Heights”, that Andreas Araouzos directed twice in Greek in recent years and proved to be a hit with the Cyprus audiences, this year will be performed in its original English version!

It’s late at night. On the rooftop of a New York building, Isabel cannot sleep. She meets Alec for the first time and he is preparing a romantic dinner. They open up a conversation about their need to stay alone on that rooftop. They disagree, they contest, they even advise each other. With Jonathan’s entrance, Isabel’s fiancé, things get very shaky and suddenly there is a very high risk in the air…

There will only be six shows on the rooftop of 1010 Hall in old Nicosia (19 Grammou Street, off the end of Ledas Street, www.1010hall.com) on 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11 October 2015.

Entrance is €12 including the first glass of AES AMBELIS wine. The bar opens at 8.00 pm and the show starts at 8.30 pm.

With Alexia Paraskeva, David Dimitriou and Andreas Araouzos.

Limited seating. Reservations: alpha@alphasquare.com.cy or 70001140.

Performances and Bookings

Six shows only:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11 October 2015

Limited seating on the rooftop of 1010 Hall Art House

19 Grammou Street (off the end of Ledras Steet) www.1010hall.com


Please email alpha@alphsquare.com.cy with your reservation.

Entrance is €12.00 including your first glass of Aes Ambelis wine.


The bar opens at 8.00 pm. Show starts at 8.30 pm. The bar will remain open after the show.


“HEIGHTS” A short play by Amy Fox

Directed by Andreas Araouzos

Isabel Alexia Paraskeva

Alec David Dimitriou

Jonathan Andreas Araouzos


Photography and Graphic Design by Panayiotis Pieris


Thanks to Argyro Hadjigeorgiou, Irina Tryfon of 1010 Hall, Constantinos Nikiforou for lights and our sponsor AES AMBELIS Wines


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A very inspiring night. Great performance with great actors and direction… with no mistakes 😉 NT

Enjoyed the play, the venue and the evening. Bravo! AO

Very interesting, absorbing! Don’t miss it! EM

Really enjoyed the night! AG

Not to be missed! Loved [it]! IP

Great job – well worth seeing!!!! CA

A wonderful performance! Congratulations to the actors! Highly recommended! JC

Great play, great venue and, above all, great performance – many thanks! EKC

Excellent performances, script and location. Really enjoyed it last night. YL

Lovely show! Had a great time!! Thank you!!! AY

Διαμορφώθηκε πολύ όμορφα η ταράτσα για τις ανάγκες του έργου – καταπληκτική η εκτέλεση και από τους τρεις ηθοποιούς… ξεπέρασαν εαυτούς!!! ΕΜ

…a great evening for us. Wine, good theatre and a rooftop was a stylish combination. AA

Cyprus Weekly 3 Oct. 2014 by Melissa Hekkers


Cyrpus Mail 7 Oct. 2014 by Constandinos Tsindas

One act play ‘Heights’ takes a rooftop dive into human relations

Amazement! That’s my bewildered emotion every time we tangle our lives into a much more intricate web than we deserve. Woe is us lest we think of the straight and wide road ahead. We much prefer getting pricked in edgy confrontations that shouldn’t happen in the first place, subjecting ourselves to needless vertigo. ‘Heights’, set in a New York terrace, finds an equally intriguing stage at 1010Hall, an old Nicosia rooftop (very aptly placed on the ‘green’ line of confrontation dividing Nicosia for the last 50 years) as Andreas Araouzos raises the curtain or better still, the starlit sky, on the one-act play my Amy Fox, for the first time in English. Araouzos, Alexia Paraskeva and David Dimitriou drive a long arduous conversation into a bottomless pit of emotional crescendo that actually brings forth real and present dangers. Alec is preparing a romantic dinner, Isabel does not really know why she’s been struck by insomnia and Jonathan makes an entrance that he wish he never had. ‘Say no more to them, no other plot clues please’, Alexia tells me, in a short break after a sneak preview run of the half hour play, as dusk settled in the capital along with my first impressions. ‘I shall make the audience beg for it’ I promised determinedly, and so I will keep my word. I couldn’t help but ask David though about the first feeling that came to his head during this three way late night terrace tension-‘I will have to say fear’, he replies and I suddenly wake up to the realisation that it can actually become a driving force in what makes or breaks us. ‘If only people were more in touch with their feelings’, Alexia shares, with Andreas Araouzos stepping in to give the only inkling of a hint I could get out of him as director-‘it’s all about the brewing conflict’. ‘Heights’ like it or not is in our face, putting all kinds of decisions into perspective; why do want to claim the rooftop as our own as Alec and Isabel do and why are we stuck in vertigo? ‘It was all very revealing’, David remarks with a handshake ending his short break from rehearsals for a sit down chat.